The podcast will follow discussions of national and international issues, and how one person can think of a few ways to solve them while blowing some steam.

From a young age following the world’s political views as seen from his father’s view. Views which have made him hate politics. Being brought up in a Christian home with an atheist parent, Jehovah’s Witness grandparents and best friends which have a strong faith in Islam.

An upbringing that has left him questions religion. Having to juggle 2 worlds, cultures, and morals day by day and act as if that’s normal. A culture shock that has allowed him to make his own world and morals. Following a path that no one in his family could understand, whether it was right or wrong. A path that has led him to medicine, entrepreneurship and a solid political stance on many national and international issues we face today.

You know what blows my fog horn? Well, you are about to find lots of it.