You Know What Blows My Foghorn

Episode 1: New Year’s Resolution: Don’t Be a Dick


The world is so focused on the physical appearance of people. 9/10 chances an individual is making a New Years Resolution that focuses on making them look better. Whether to eat better or go to the gym. Those 2 are very important and are a good way to blow off some steam to better your physical and secondarily your mental health. However, do you make it a primary New Years Resolution goal to focus on your mental well being? Do you put the effort into making sure your mental health and self awareness is taken care of and checked on, respectively? Are you even aware of the fact that your mental health is bad and you take it on others, which allows others to perceive you as a dick?

This episode of Do you Know What Blows My Foghorn will show viewers and listeners how I dive deep into everyday relevant issues. Also, this episode will have a great friend of mine who is a Councillor that will help me bring to light the importance of self awareness. Will we agree on certain conversations or clash? Well you better listen to find out!

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