You Know What Blows My Foghorn

Episode 2: Home, But Not Home


Nova Scotia is Home to over a million people. In recent years many have made Nova Scotia a new home for themselves and family. People from all over the world come to Canada and make a new home for themselves here. What a great complement it is to see the world viewing Canada as a great nation! And yes Canada has such potential to become a beautiful home for many. However, as new people come into Canada or Canadians move to different provinces it is becoming more apparent than ever that some Canadians feel like the country is drowning and can do so much better for us.

This episode of Do You Know What Blows My Foghorn will be a deep dive into how once upon a time Nova Scotia was my home, but the sense of home does not make sense anymore. I will be going through my thought process on how government priorities have changed my opinion of what are essential things for me to call a place home.

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