You Know What Blows My Foghorn

Episode 3: Welcome to Canada! Oh, You Didn’t Read The Fine Print?


In my previous episode, I talked about how Canada has not felt like home to me for a couple of years. Canada was the country my parents decided to refuge to for better opportunities and to flee from chaos and war. Canada was the country that made an effort to get my family and me from Lebanon during the 2006 Lebanon and Israel war. The government helped us for the first year to ensure we didn’t become homeless. 31 years after being on the face of this earth, Canada is one of the top countries that leads the world in immigration and accepting refugees. But things are definitely not the same as it was back in the 1980s or 2006. Our government is helping bring newcomers to our country, but what about the people here in need? Our country is accepting people from all over the world that suffer from a lack of healthcare, education or hospitality. Yet, these 3 essentials are the topics that have made our country inferior to others.

In this episode of Do You Know What Blows My Foghorn, I will be discussing my opinion of what should be our nation’s priorities to better the lives of Canadians and newcomers that seek a better life. Canada should thrive in diversity and community, but is that what we truly see? Or is it more exclusion and separation?

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