You Know What Blows My Foghorn

Episode 6: Drugs, Booze. Oops, You Snooze, You Lose.

What a great time to be young! 

Post-pandemic hormones are raging across the world and our young people want to have fun. Go to a party, have a few drinks, experiment with some drugs, and find someone to hook up with. 

Damn, to be young and explore what the world has to offer. Is it all fun and games though? 

That one party you go to and a friend tells you “Try this. You will love it!” 10 years later, you loved that drug and high so much you end up homeless and chasing that high.

How about serving your country as a military personnel, or serving your community as a police officer or first responder? Maybe you just got dealt the wrong cards in life and you went from using medications for coping to abusing drugs to forget the pain. 

My friends if there is one thing that blows my foghorn it is not helping the people in need.

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